5 Product Design Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

In this video I discuss 5 books relating to product design that I think every entrepreneur should read.

Books Entrepreneurs Should Read

It doesn’t matter if you have a design background or what type of product or service you plan to offer. In my opinion these books cover enough generic aspects of design, user engagement and behaviour to give you a better understanding of what to consider when providing a tangible solution to a problem worth solving.

The books I cover here are:

5: Value Proposition Design – Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur

4: The Art of Innovation – Tom Kelley

3: Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products – Nir Eyal

2: Don’t Make Me Think – Steve Krug

1: The Design of Everyday Things – Don Norman

Of course, this is one man’s opinion and very subjective. However, these books were very enlightening and useful to me. By all means, if you think other books should get a mention then please list them in the comments section and I’ll look into them (if I haven’t read them already).

I hope you find this video useful and that these books help you on your entrepreneurial (and design!) journey.

How to play basketball for beginners

Welcome to X-ray Basketball! The show that takes a deeper look into basketball. We teach coaches and players how to improve their knowledge and understanding of the game of basketball by breaking down and analyzing game film. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video please hit that like button. If you want to see more of our videos please subscribe to our channel. Keep learning and Keep practicing!

Learn how to play basketball for beginners

Learn how to play basketball for beginners in this video as we show you some of the beginner basics of how to play basketball and the common plays and moves that are used on the court. Make sure to grab your free step by step guide, so you can follow along with our video as we discuss how to play basketball.

Content Marketing

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Lead Magnet Funnel

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a marketing term for a free item or service that is given away for the purpose of gathering contact details; for example, lead magnets can be trial subscriptions, samples, white papers, e-newsletters, and free consultations. Marketers use lead magnets to create sales leads. The marketers attempt to convert the leads into paying customers of a product or service, or they may market unrelated offerings to the sales leads.

Ebook Lead Magnet


When a customer signs up for a trial version or provides a name and other details for a free sample, they effectively exchange their information for a lead magnet. Sometimes the nature of this exchange is made explicit, but not always. As a result, some types of lead magnets are criticized for their deceptive nature.

Types of Lead Magnets

The most common type of lead magnet is the report/guide/tip sheet where the prospect provides personal information for content that is not otherwise available. When it is a guide or resource, the exchange of information is direct and obvious. The contact information is often then used to place the prospects in a sales funnel where progressive contact nudges them towards an actual purchase. This type of lead magnet often makes an extreme claim to entice people into access the content. For example, “Six Foolproof Tips To Land A Six Figure Salary” or “Eight Easy Renovations That Triple Your House’s Value.” This type of content is unique, valuable content that is not publicly available. It is not unheard of, however, for the content to simply be taken from publicly available resources and repackaged.

Another type of lead magnet is the quiz or survey that withholds the prospects’ results until they have provided their email address. These types of lead magnets are typically matched thematically with the type of lead the marketer is seeking. For example, a car dealership might have a survey titled “How Much Is Your Car Really Worth?” A consumer that is planning to sell a car or upgrade their car may complete the survey only to find that the final result will only be sent to the email address they provide. In the case of physical products sold on or off-line, discount clubs or free shipping offers are used as lead magnets.

Like most lead generation techniques, lead magnets can be used responsibly, or they can be abused. Marketers who abuse lead magnets may see success in finding sales leads, but the actual conversions are often lower as a result.

So how can you create a lead magnet without creating a lead magnet?

• In this lead magnet tutorial i explained what is PLR.
• In PLR sites you can find a lot of lead magnet ides.
• A lead magnet is also called “ethical bribe” or a “free giveaway”.
• A few lead magnet examples: Ebooks, courses, case studies…
• Just search “PLR” on google, choose a website and buy some lead magnets in less than 10$!

A Day In Catalina Island

In this video, we go to Catalina Island for one day again, but this time I break down how much we spent and what we did.

After taking Catalina Express to Catalina Island, we hopped on a golf cart to tour the island. We also ate at The Lobster Trap and Lloyd’s of Avalon for ice cream.

You can’t see all of Catalina Island in one day, but if that’s all the time you have, this video shows you what you can do. Enjoy!

Best Restaurants In Catalina Island

Create Fuller Lips with Lipstick How To

In today’s video, I am teaching you how to create fuller lips with lipstick!

Create Fuller Lips with Lipstick

I absolutely love the look of a fuller lip. Using lipstick is one of my favorite ways to create a fuller lip. You can use just lipstick or use a lip liner and a lipstick like I did in this video to create a fuller set of lips for yourself! If you recreate this, please tag me on social media! I LOVE seeing your recreations! I so want to see you create a fuller set of lips with lipstick, so show me how you did it!

Swiss Best Places To Visit

Watch this video if you want to visit Switzerland. This video will give you a few ideas about Switzerland tourism, what are some of the best places to visit and what to see in Switzerland.

Best Places In Switzerland

I went on an 8 days long epic SWITZERLAND ROAD TRIP with my friends Filip, Renato and Andi. Our goal was to explore mountains in Switzerland and visit as many beautiful places as possible.

It was very tough to decide which are the best places to visit in Switzerland, because there are so many… we could have easily spend a month there and still there would be so much more left to explore.


– Zermatt (Stelisee)
– Mountain passes Grimsel and Furka (Ice cave)
– Lauterbrunnen (Murren climbing)
– Zürich
– Caumasee (Swimming)
– Limmernsee
– Pizzo Taneda

$hAH expresses his Heartbreak with “Neon Love”

Vancouver Artist $hAH releases his debut album with a bang! Before we dive into the project which is more like a beautifully crafted 7-Single Poem by Shayan Eftekhari, we must speak on his Smash Single “Formula.”

Filmed by TiV Productions and directed by Brazil’s very own Raphael “Zectrix” Regis, this video captures the song perfectly; the dancers were a solid touch. This is the type of song you want to dance to and club to. $hah’s vocals with the pounding instrumental takes you to a euphoric positive state. We spoke to the film producer Kane Dabir and he mentioned,

“$hah is a super unique artist .. so we could have taken this video in multiple directions, but ultimately Zectrix, Paolo and I wanted to showcase a flirty fun video to match the quality of the song.”

Check out the video after the Jump.

TIV Productions

The album begins with “Formula” and “The One” which are two club bangers; if I am trying to impress a girl with my music taste, I will definitely flex with those songs. Home ft. Psyah was a pleasant switch up from the beginning which focuses on a guy’s insecurities towards women; worth a listen; “Used to” is a solid transition from home and possibly the best written song on the project. $hah shows his hip-hop influence with tracks like “Company” and “Faraway” with hip hop drums and R&B style singing. The final track of the LP “Boys Don’t Cry” shows $hah in a very vulnerable state

The Album ends with my favourite song “Make it” which features celebrity Hip-Hop Artist Kresnt. Kresnt has been killing the Hip-Hop scene with his smash single “In Your Place” and his follow up melodic hit “D.Y.D.” $ha has recently signed a deal with the Lunar Cycle Label and we can expect more tracks from the two artists.

By: Justin Tate

$hah – Formula (Official Music Video) | Shayan Eftekhari | شایان افتخاری

Album Tracklist:

The One
Home ft. Psyah
Used To
Boys Don’t Cry

Make It ft. Kresnt

Album Credits:

Executive Producer : Shayan “$hAH” Eftekhari, Kamal “Kane” Dabir, Hilal “Kresnt” Dabir, TiV Productions”

Arranger, Art Direction, Recording Engineer, Executive Producer, Primary Artist,, Vocals, Vocals (Background) by: Shayan “$hAH” Eftekhari”


TiV Productions

Director: Raphael “Zectrix” Regis
Director of Photography: Paolo Altruda
Producer: Kamal “Kane” Dabir / Hilal “Kresnt” Dabir
AP: Hugo Mendes, Keyon Slowly
Casting Director: Kane Dabir
Performing Artist: $hah
Recording Engineer: Shayan Eftekhari
Model: Alexis Llewellyn
Dancers: Carly Whitaker-Wilson, Tawni Krystal, Emalaine Lands
Choreographer: Carly Whitaker-Wilson
Editors: Zectrix, Paolo Altruda
Written By: Zectrix , Paolo Altruda, Kane Dabir
Marketing Manager: Coffee & Banana LTD

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